The Tale of how a Movie inspired one of the World’s greatest scams

If you have not watched the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”, then most definitely you have heard it from someone. If you have neither watched it nor heard about it at all, then either you are under informed or you are from a different world altogether. If you follow current affairs, then you must know about the world’s biggest scam, the Israel’s binary option trade scam promoted from France to Thailand via online trading sites.

If you don’t, I will give you a brief recap. Millions lost their millions in what they thought was a worthy investment in the binary options trade.

Being working  myself for years as a model in this industry, I can perfectly affirm today : it was a shamy deal for me

The Similarity

What actually strikes out for me, and really stands out is the similarity between these two, the movie and the scam. It is like the scammers in Israel followed the movie word by word.

Meet Dan Guralnek, an Australian emigrant to Israel. Like many people who move away from their country, he was hopeful. Hopeful that he would take on Israel, and that only good things awaited him in the near future. It did not for a second occur to him that there would come a time when he’d be involved directly in the world’s largest scam.

He quickly landed a job with one of the binary options traders since they dominated the jobs, and Dan really needed a job. The pay was nothing but good especially with the high cost of living in Jerusalem.

The Scam

What was really queer about Guralnek’s new found job was how cell phones were prohibited in the work room, he didn’t know his CEO, and he didn’t fully know his managers.


Why did he have to invent a fake persona? Furthermore, the company used Voice over IP technology which masked the company’s address. Everything about the company stank to high heaven.

Robbed of Millions

And eventually when they got to sell binary options to innocent and ignorant customers, stealing their money in the meantime, Dan knew for sure what they were doing. It was like they had had just watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and their goal was to emulate the characters. It was as if the movie spoke to them somehow.

It would not take a genius to see for sure the similarity between this scam and the movie. I, for one, see it, clear as the light of day. To say the scam was not inspired by this movie would be a lie to you and myself.

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