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My name is Yasmin and I am a model from Amsterdam working for different brands, from Non Lucrative ones (WWF) to financials as IQ Option (binary options brand) with a real passion for cinema and film.


Challenged by Rutger Hauer

Some time not so long ago, I stumbled upon a quote by one Rutger Hauers. This quote was exactly what I felt about the current film and cinema industry. It got me thinking and I had to let the world know, I had to share my sentiments and grievances so I started this blog to pen down all matters movies, to bring to light the importance of financials in actual cinema.


The great Rutger Hauer had this to say:

“In my experience there are billions of dollars available for pieces of shit. As soon as the material distinguishes itself by something interesting, financing becomes a problem.”

The current film scene is a huge disappointment. It does not really depict what needs to be depicted. Which leaves me asking the question, “Is cinema an art or is it just money making?”


In this blog, will try to discuss this quote and relate it to real life examples of movies and films that are throwing us to the dogs. The film industry is a powerful and influential industry and the last thing we would want to do is let people who do not appreciate art get away with it.

This blog is for all you critics out there who share the same sentiments. All you who feel that you have been duped, downplayed and cheated upon. All you who feel that cinema is no longer an art, but a ploy to make money.

Join me therefore as we set things straight. As we tell it the way it should be told. Help me get the art back, help me get cinema back.

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